Q: What are the main benefits of competing in this program?
A: The Enterprise U competition is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs gain the skills and knowledge they need to really make their business or idea flourish. Our programs give you information and skills necessary to becoming a sustainable business. In addition, participants will get real experience in business situations, networking opportunities (that will truly help you grow your business), and mentorship that can help you bring your idea to the next level. Some participants will win prizes at the end of competition in order to give them a leg-up in their startup or growing business.

Q: Who is allowed to compete?
A: All entrepreneurs with a great business idea, or a startup that is less than one-year-old (defined by the incorporation date) are allowed to compete in Enterprise U.

Q: Do we have to participate in ALL of the events, seminars, etc.?
A: We do not require attendance for everything, but highly encourage that you attend. It should be noted that some of the events and seminars have points that go towards your final scores. You will not be disqualified for the competition for not attending, but will lose a significant amount of points for not attending that may prevent you from winning prizes.

Q: What if I know ahead of time that I can't attend something in the competition?
A: Please speak with Barbi Watson, the Chamber Executive Director, as SOON as you know you will have a conflict so that we can make any necessary arrangements.

Q: Will Enterprise U staff share my information or business plan with anyone else?
A: No. Your proprietary information and business plan will only be seen by your mentor and the competition panel judges. You are welcome to leave proprietary information out of the business plan, however we HIGHLY recommend that you do not leave the information out, as this may prevent you from winning the competition since the judges may not be able to understand your business.

Q: What about judging conflicts of interest?
A: For the business plan reviews and pitch day, no judges are allowed to have ANY ownership of competing businesses, nor may they have a vested, invested, or personal interest in the competing business.

Q: If I win prizes through Enterprise U, can I exchange them for......?
A: No prizes may be exchanged for ANYTHING else. All prizes are FINAL.

Q: Am I allowed to compete with a business idea if I have previously competed with a different business?
A: If you have won first, second, or third prizes in a previous Enterprise U competition, you are no longer eligible to compete in the future. You are also not allowed to compete if you have ownership in a company that was a previous winner. If you competed in Enterprise U, but did NOT receive first, second, or third prizes you ARE eligible to compete after at least one year off (meaning you cannot compete the following year, but can after that)