Alpha Disaster Restoration - Emergency = A serious ,unexpected , and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. People plan their lives daily, they schedule appointments , they plan vacations , they plan their retirement . Planning is a great way to avoid the unexpected , but when the unexpected happens or a EMERGENCY occurs what do you do then? If the emergency occurs at your house or business , there is only 1plan ,Call Alpha Disaster Restoration! We are licensed ,bonded , and certified in Water/Fire Restoration!!!! Broken pipes, sewer back ups, fires, smoke damage, flood storms we are certified for it all. You cant plan for an emergency but, you can call a company who are experts in emergency disasters for home, commercial, industrial. We walk you through the entire process, and if a insurance claim is needed, we work will all insurance companies and are certified in Xactamate the programs that insurance companies use on claims.


Jeffery Barbee

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